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Hi, the presets как брокеры обманывают трейдеров giving OrderModify error Ignored Could you please provide more detail including www forex up com of your set files s - uploaded as attachments rename to. At www forex up com suggestion of a poster above LiovannixI have added the ability to process 2 Custom Indicators.

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A custom indicator normally has a number of inputs. Some of them are cosmetic and some affect the value of the calculation. Using nonlagdot as an example, there are 7 inputs but the only input affecting the calculation is at position 2 of the 7 inputs.

The last input of Custom Indicators is for the maximum number of consecutive bars in the same direction for any signal to be considered.

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Agility Trader will automatically reset this Bar Count whenever a custom indicator changes direction. I have amended the PDF and example set files for this change.


The new download is at Post 1. For those of you experiencing Order Send errors this will fix those errors.

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The real implications of this change are that your own custom indicators can now be created and you will be able to include fundamental analysis, your own trading checklist, your own calculations. I regard this ability as a new form of artificial intelligence. Over the next couple of weeks I will present a tutorial on how you can unleash the principles of custom indicators.

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This will not be difficult because the plotting of the indicator is not a consideration. Even a Yes or No, Buy or Sell can be evaluated. So for example you could set up an indicator which evaluates whether a particular candle pattern has formed and act on the Yes signal.

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I will continue my dialog in this area and you will be surprised by the versatility of the 2 new Custom Indicator inputs. Note the new inputs shown in the image below are at the end of the inputs in the EA.